VxD mIRC Scripts DCX DLL

VxD Editor mod DCX

Assembled to create the script code of the dialogs and popups with colorful icons.

Includes DCX Studio 1.4, includes DCX XMenu xPopups & MenuToXPopup by VxD



DCX Dialog Control Xtension for mIRC

DCX DLLs which Version install

DCX.dll mIRC v7 + build 1111
DCX dev Build 18
For use with mIRC v7.xx
DOWNLOAD DCX dev Build 18

DCX.dll mIRC v7 + build 1086
For use with mIRC v7.xx
For people who have problems with the latest build of the DCX. If you are having problems with the black status bar icon or problems, you should use this version.

DCX.dll mirc v6-
For use with mIRC v6.35
This DLL allows you to add new controls to the dialog boxes mIRC as well as change other features like the graphical style.


mIRC DCX DLL Support

mIRCscripting Info - links to the latest dcx builds

For the latest version click here


Latest dcx dev build 18

added check for directx sdk version when compiling with directx enabled.

added /xdid -z [NAME] [ID] command that updates the horizontal scrollbar
should only be called after all items are added & isn't needed after a call to /xdid -A

fixed some bugs around the use of TCHAR strings instead of BSTR ones. (no more RPC exceptions)
changed the object destructor to call WebBrowser2->Quit() before Release()
added $xdid().statusbar which returns $true if the statusbar is enabled or $false otherwise.
added $xdid().statustext which gets the statusbars contents.
added /xdid -m [DNAME] [ID] [+FLAGS] [+MASK] (URL) this does the same as /xdid -n but allows setting some flags too.
[+FLAGS] can be any combination of
h - Disable adding url to history
r - Disables reading url from cache.
w - Disables adding this url to cache.
a - Enabled Auto Search when url fails.
e - Forces url to be opened in the Restricted Zone.
m - Enabled Popup Manager.
u - Disabled downloads.
x - Enable ActiveX Installing (You will still be prompted for allow/disallow)
b - toggle address bar on/off
f - toggle fullscreen on/off
s - toggle statusbar on/off
[+MASK] is used to set the flags on or off /xdid -m dialog +bf +b will turn the address bar on, & disable fullscreen.
(URL) is optional, if not supplied then you can use the command to just set flags.

changed /xdid -Z to work on any view not just report (needs testing)

For use with mIRC v7 +

Help file located @ http://dcx.tg007.net read less