DCX - Dialog Control Xtension
This control enables you to create a divider control. This control acts as a container for other controls. The divider control is consisted of two panes that host a child control. The panes are resized using the divider bar between them. The divider control resizes automaticaly it's child windows when the bar is moved. Multiple dividers can be nested for advanced UI interfaces.

Control Styles
These control styles are available when creating a Divider control. Remember that the general styles disabled, group, hidden, notheme, tabstop and transparent apply to all DCX controls except the embedded Dialog and Window controls.
vertical The divider has vertical panes.

/xdid flags
Control commands are input to the control with the /xdid command.
/xdid -l|-r
This command lets you add a child control to a divider pane. The -l switch is for the left/top pane, and -r for the right/bottom pane.
/xdid -l|-r [DNAME] [ID] [MIN] [IDEAL] [TAB] [CID] [CONTROL] [X] [Y] [W] [H] (OPTIONS)
/xdid -l|-r dcx 4 100 0 $chr(9) 12 richedit 10 10 400 25 multi
MIN Minimum Pane Width/Height.
IDEAL Not used yet. Use 0, required but ignored.
CID Unique control ID for the DCX Control. Must be unique for all the controls of the dialog!
CONTROL The type of DCX Control to create. Values can be:
button, calendar, colorcombo, comboex, datetime, directshow, ipaddress, listview, pbar, richedit, statusbar, toolbar, trackbar, treeview, updown, webctrl
box, check, edit, image, line, link, list, radio, scroll, text
divider, pager, panel, rebar, stacker or tab.
X X position of control. Use 0, required but ignored.
Y Y position of control. Use 0, required but ignored.
W Width of control.
H Height of control.
OPTIONS Optional styles and options available on each individual controls.

/xdid -v
This command lets you set the divider bar position.
/xdid -v [DNAME] [ID] [POS]
/xdid -v dcx 4 150
Note. The value must be between the left pane minimum width/height and the width/height of the control minus the right pane minimum width/height.
Left W/H <= POS <= Right W/H.

$xdid() Properties
The $xdid identifier is a given mIRC alias that communicates with the DCX DLL to extract information in DCX controls.
This property lets you retreive the alignment of the divider.
$xdid(dialog, ID).isvertical
$xdid(dcx, 4).isvertical

This property lets you retreive the position of the divider in pixels.
$xdid(dialog, ID).position
$xdid(dcx, 4).position

Divider Events
These events are fired when activity occurs in the Divider control.
When the user is dragging the divier.
/cb_alias DNAME drag ID X Y
/cb_alias dcx drag 4 220 354

When the user starts dragging the divier.
/cb_alias DNAME dragbegin ID X Y
/cb_alias dcx dragbegin 4 220 300

When the user has finished dragging the divier.
/cb_alias DNAME dragfinish ID X Y
/cb_alias dcx dragfinish 4 220 403

Launched when you click on a control using the ? contexthelp button.
/cb_alias DNAME help ID
/cb_alias dcx help 4

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